LOOT is about locally inspired products and foods. We love unique materials, traditional methods,
real ingredients, simple designs, things inspired by nature and the craft that goes into
anything made by hand.

To this end, we want to contribute to the local product movement by doing what we do best -
taking photos. By photographing these special products and foods and featuring them in this guide we hope to create an on-going resource for others seeking amazing, local LOOT made by people
with heart.


Are you a maker, designer, small business or artisan food producer? Would you like to have your product featured on LOOT? If so, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us to let us know what you make and where you are from. (We feature products from all regions of the US!)

Products need to be shipped to us for photographing but if return postage is included, we will ship items back to you. Your profile in the LOOT online guide will include a styled photo of your product, a short introduction to your business, link to your website as well as inclusion on our social media feed. There is no fee or obligation other than shipping items to us, so it's a no brainer!

The effort we put into this Guide is for the benefit of shoppers and cool LOOT everywhere.

(Please note that food products will not be returned since they are usually opened for photographing. Please contact us before shipping products since not all submissions are added to the guide.)

Melissa DiPalma Photography

The LOOT Guide was created by photographer Melissa DiPalma. She specializes in helping food, home and fashion brands connect with customers through photography and visual content creation for web, print and social media. See more of her work at www.melissadipalma.com.

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